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Redhead – Broken Hourglass – SHARPCD21119 – Available 30/04/2021 https://www.flickniferecords.co.uk/store/cds-2/457-redhead-broken-hourglass

Formed in 2013 by Frontman Ellis Crewe-Candy, Redhead set out to deliver great, original rock’n’roll music for everyone.

This desire fed into the heart of the Redhead live experience, which brought performance and well-crafted songs to engaged audiences.

The aim remains, and years of gigging and occasional line-up changes have helped craft and hone the Redhead sound into what it is today, and this is what is presented on their debut album:

Broken Hourglass.

Ten studio tracks from this Hampshire based dirty classic rock five-piece take the listener on a fulfilling audio journey; from in-your-face opener, ‘Devil on your Shoulder’, through reminiscent tracks such as ‘Girl’ and ‘Ghost Train’ (where the band openly acknowledge their many influences), to the climatic and soaring closer of ‘Last Chance’.

This long-awaited collection showcases the strength of Redhead songs, as the band explores staples from their live set via Sunshine Corner Studios’ creative recording and mixing environment.

Big on sound, with that nostalgic old school analogue feel, (Reel to Reel mastered at Embassy Studios).

This album delivers what a debut promises; hooky songs, honed over years, that’ll be running around your head for time to come.

Prepare to become a fan…

Redhead: Broken Hourglass Track Listing:

1.    Devil On Your Shoulder
2.    Hold On Me
3.    Weekend Woman
4.    Girl
5.    One Last Time
6.    Aces On The Table
7.    Let It All Sink In
8.    Part II
9.    Ghost Train
10.    Last Chance

Recorded and Mixed at Sunshine Corner Studios
Producer - Steve 'Smiley' Barnard 
Mastered at Embassy Studios - Graham Dominy
Artwork by Barnaby Oakley at Crossfade Productions


Redhead are:

Ellis Crewe-Candy - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, String Arrangement
Lee Blackburn - Lead guitar, additional guitar, Backing Vocals
Alex Murray - Bass, Backing Vocals
Nathan Haynes - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Matt Hitching - Guitar
Smiley Lee Lewis - Rock 'n' Roll Piano on track 7

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